Up and Down Medical Free In Canada

Most people want to move to Canada because of the free perks. One of them is free treatment. Not only is the treatment-free, but it is of good quality due to a lot of research being done in this country. However, all of that has ups and downs that you don’t know. 

Here I will tell the joys and sorrows of free treatment in Canada. Like the previous article, we can enjoy a free medical treatment in Canada from the taxes we pay. People who pay taxes or not, still get this free treatment. For example, a housewife who does not work still gets free medical treatment even though she never paid taxes. 

Free Medical Treatment In Canada

Then what are the ups and downs of treatment in Canada? Here are the benefits of free treatment:

  1. All kinds of surgery from Caesarean section to birth, to eye surgery like Cataract, you don’t have to pay. Anyway, all you have to do is get a phone call from the hospital that has scheduled the operation. 
  2. Thorough examination if we suffer from certain dangerous diseases such as cancer or other diseases. Without us needing to guess what we have to do, the doctor has determined we have to be checked A, B, C, and everything has been arranged and determined by the doctor.
  3. Advanced technology with an integrated system and fast. In Canada, hospitals are older buildings. Even the lift is very old and slow. If you look at the physical building and appearance of the hospital, the hospital in Jakarta is much nicer and sleek. However, doctors’ facilities and diagnoses are no joke in this country. So, they prioritize good service over buildings that have a luxurious appearance.
  4. Doctors and nurses are very skilled. In Canada, time is precious. That is why all treatment is based on agreement and we must be on time. In Indonesia, I have to wait for hours for a visit with a doctor (especially if the doctor is in demand). So not in Canada. If we are told our schedule is 9 am, then we can’t be late. However, our time is also not wasted because at 9 in the morning we will have our turn. Doctors and nurses are also very fast working. Starting from injecting, checking, to talking. All fast without being wordy. Therefore, if you have a lot of questions for the Doctor, please be prepared in advance. If necessary, write it down on paper so that it is immediately asked the doctor.
  5. Free medicine for the Elderly. Senior age in Canada is 65 years and over. After 65 years we will get free medicine if we have degenerative diseases or diseases due to age. For example routine cholesterol drugs, routine blood thinners, and so on. Even for the treatment of diabetes, for example, we only buy strips for blood checks. Meanwhile, the monitor will be provided free of charge!
  6. MRI examination, blood check up to X-rays are all free. We don’t have to pay a penny. However, we cannot be arbitrary. Only if the doctor orders and gives a referral. So we can’t ask the doctor to be checked, it’s whatever we like. Only on a need basis.
  7. Fast 911 calls. In Indonesia, it is very difficult to get a quick response during an emergency. For example, a condition where we need an ambulance. In Canada, a 911 call is usually 5 to 10 minutes in advance. And they are highly trained for these responsive conditions. Because someone’s life is at stake.

Meanwhile, the sorrow or unpleasantness of this free treatment in Canada are as follows:

  1. Don’t spoil the patient. If in Indonesia you can linger in the hospital, don’t expect that to happen in Canada. Even for major operations! For example, when you have a C-section, the hospital only allows you to be treated for 1 day. Likewise with other operations such as pelvic surgery, knee surgery which is replaced due to porous, to surgery on the abdomen. For minor surgeries like tonsillectomy and so on, you have to go home that very day. I have had an operation that required general anesthesia to remove polyps in the abdominal area. The operation was carried out at 12 noon and at 4 pm I was discharged. Even though I was still “drunk” due to the drugs, I had to get out of the hospital with a wheelchair that was lent to the lobby before we got into the car. And just imagine if it is cold or winter. Please enjoy! Again, I can only say to myself that this is free treatment.
  2. Long waiting time. If in Indonesia we feel there is something wrong with our heads and we want an MRI or CT scan, maybe we can just do it as long as we can afford it. In Canada, we have had to wait for months. At first, we went to the doctor and brought up our problem, then the doctor felt the need for an MRI and scheduled an MRI. Then the schedule will take months. Sometimes, I wonder what if a dangerous disease really existed in the body, it would be too late. However, if the doctor feels the need to be done as soon as possible, the schedule will be as fast as 1-2 weeks. Depending on the case and the doctor’s analysis. Meanwhile, we can’t help but be “forced” to believe the instincts of the doctors who examine us.
  3. Dental Medicine and Medicine are not free. For gear, it’s not free. We must have insurance so that insurance will replace our dental treatment. Likewise with medicine, except we are elderly. We have to have insurance. Usually, insurance will replace teeth including drugs, even physiotherapy, including things that are covered by insurance.
  4. The old emergency room. If you suddenly get sick, you usually go to the ER in Indonesia and be served quickly. Not the case in Canada. If you go to the ER, you will wait at least 5 to 6 hours! Because the ER is busy serving patients who are really critical, such as heart attacks, gunshot wounds, bleeding wounds, and other critical things. If you just have a high fever and vomiting, man, don’t expect you to be served right away! I had food poisoning. Within 1 hour I vomited 8-10 times which made me so weak that I almost fainted. I went to the ER and had to wait up to 7 hours and it made me annoyed and angry. Instead of recovering, my body was weak all over due to dehydration. Finally, I gave up on going to the ER. If there is emergency treatment, I go to the “Walk-in” clinic, a kind of general clinic. It’s because I didn’t understand at first. Because I think the ER in Canada is the same as the ER in Indonesia. It was very different. 
  5. The 911 calls are no joke. We often hear the term 911. In Canada itself, 911 covers any emergency or emergency event. Including health problems. However, it must really be something that is life-threatening. So, for example, if you have a child and the child falls bleeding, as long as it’s not life-threatening, we can’t just call 911. 911 could come. However, if this is stated trivially, we will even have to pay for their services, you know! Usually around $ 70- $ 90. Therefore, unless you absolutely need an ambulance, police, or fire department, then you should call 911.

Of course, free medical treatment in Canada can only be enjoyed if you have a Canadian Permanent Resident status. If you are not a resident of Canada, you will have to pay when you are sick in Canada. And very expensive!

Therefore, if you happen to come to Canada or your PR status is still in progress, it’s a good idea to buy insurance during the process. So that if something happens, you won’t go bankrupt because of the high cost of medical treatment in this country. For example, someone who unexpectedly gets a heart attack when he comes to Canada must be taken by ambulance to receive special treatment and examination, which can cost more than CAD10 thousand, aka more than 100 million rupiahs once. That is the joy and sorrow of medicine in Canada. There is good, there is bad.

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