PUBG Mobile: Fascinating Details of Gaming Experience of all PUBG Mobile Versions

PUBG has evolved from what it used to be. Previously known as “PUBG: playerUnknown’s Battleground” developed by PUBG corporation for PC, it has come a long way from the creator’s -Brendan Green(PlayerUnknown)- initial development. 

The scenery of the video game was adopted from a 2000 Japanese film titled “Battle Royale”. PUBG Mobile is a collection of games developed by Tencent.

Pubg Mobile battle ground, battle royale
Pubg Mobile Image Credit: PUBG

PUBG MOBILE and PUBG LITE are two Games in the mobile domain that have generated a lot of interest from the large online gaming fan base. Both games require mobile devices/phones with a minimum requirement to run the games. 

Before we can specify the requirements for Pubg Mobile and Pubg-lite, you must know the difference between the two major games:

  • Both games are quite different and target different audiences.
  • Both games offer almost the same gameplay experience, but there are some major adjustments made to suit gameplay for each game.
  • PUBG Mobile features a lot of graphic scenes and offers a more realistic gameplay experience than PUBG lite. 
  • PUBG Mobile possesses unique modes not found in its sibling, PUBG lite. 
  • High-end devices are best suitable for PUBG Mobile while PUBG lite is built to accommodate Mid-range devices.

PUBG Mobile and lite are both great games in their own right, however, PUBG Mobile offers more versatility and all in all better quality and user experience.

This article would only feature the mobile versions of the game as there is also a PC

Tencent’s PUBG MOBILE and LITE

Pubg mobile, pubg lite, pubg new state
PUBG Lite Home interface

PUBG Mobile was developed by Tencent Games, it is an adaptation of the original PUBG: PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds. PUBG was launched on 19 March 2018 for both the IOS and Android Platforms. 

It has since its first publication been adopted by other publishers in different countries. It is most similar to the original PC release, PLayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. 

Players are dispersed from a moving plane where they parachute onto a wide remote island and endure numerous gun battle encounters with other players until the last player standing. 

Weapons are distributed across the maps, so players have to search for their fighting gears before they can engage in a gun battle. 

Once players land at their chosen sights, aside from avoiding enemies,  they are to watch out for the shrinking blue border that forms a circular perimeter on the map. 

Players outside the Blue border lose health and must race back into the border- this aims to bring more players who are dispersed all over the map close together, further ensuring players combat each other.  

Differences in Features of PUBG Mobile Games

The different versions of the games have more similarities than they do differences. Major differences may exist in the Map, graphics, and gameplay experience, but it is almost negligible. 

Game Modes

There are different modes in the video game and each offers a unique user experience.

  • Battlegrounds Royale/ Classic mode: In this mode, players can play -solo, dual, or squad; or solo vs duo, or solo vs squad. 

Players are to drop at their preferred location on the island, get loot from buildings and other sites, and avoid the blue zone which continuously shrinks. 

Players win the game by combating with other players(or teams) until they are the “last man standing”. There are different battlegrounds with different terrain, for example; 

Erangle is a popular terrain and most preferred by players as it offers wide terrain, lots of vehicles, it is easy to locate weapons, and offers numerous spots for setting up impeccable ambushes.

Pubg mobile, pubg lite, pubg new state
Player in Team Death Match Mode
  • Team Death Match(TDM): This is a practice mode. In this mode, two teams (4 players each) battle within a confined space(different terrains exist) until one team successfully defeats the other team 40 times.
  • Training Mode: Single players are placed in terrain with training gears. Players have access to all the weapons in the game and can practice and improve their skills for as long as they like.
  • War mode, PPG modes: These modes provide players with quicker and more intense gameplay. Players are confined to a small space within a blue zone and battle it out until time runs out. Players with the highest kills and endurance win.

PUBG Islands/ Map 

All modes of the PUBG game have a variety of maps that offer a different user experience. Some feature a wooden forest-like terrain with lots of trees and rocky mountains that are suitable for sneaking up on enemies or setting up ambushes. 

Some have a town-like setting with clusters of houses distributed throughout the map. They are suitable for “camping” or hiding from enemies. 

Some maps are smaller than others, hence would force players to engage in more combat frequently than other maps. Erangel is one that is very wide and offers a flat surface terrain with clusters of cities and towns distributed across the map. Rivers, underground tunnels are also present on this map. 

It is remarkably suitable for players who prefer less close combat and more long-range ambush.  

Types of Weapons in PUBG

The most important feature of the game is the guns. Although the different PUBG versions may have different guns, there are some guns infamous for being the killers’ favorites and are found on all versions of the game.

Pubg mobile, pubg lite, pubg new state
Battle Between Player And Opponent

Snipers Rifles

Nothing beats the sniper rifle when it comes to a long-range battle. AMW is the MONSTER of sniper weapons, it has the capability to knock out an opponent with one headshot irrespective of the Helmet worn by the opponent. 

It can also completely destroy a level 3 shield with one shot. The AMW is no doubt among the top tier of most powerful weapons in the game. Other snipers include; Kar98 and M24. All three snipers in the hand of a professional player are weapons of destruction.

Maskman Rifles

Marksman rifles are sub snipers. They do not possess the damage, stability, or range of a sniper but they do have an advantage over snipers when in close combat. They are weapons that do serious damage to opponents and unlike snipers can be shot multiple times without reloading. 

The MK14 is a formidable opponent against the AMW as it has a greater fire rate and can also be used for long-range attacks. Other rifles in this category include sks, mini 14, vss mk12, and more.

Bullets 2166491 1280
Bullets. image by MasterTux/Pixabay

Machine Guns or Assault Rifles

Machine guns are auto-firing, autoloading weapons responsible for most kills in the game. There are a variety of assault rifles that have certain advantages over others of the same category. 

They have fast fire rates, quick reload, and expandable cartridges. 

They are optimal for close combat and with skill can be very effective for medium -long-range combat. The infamous AKM is notorious for its powerful bullets. Another popular contender for the deadliest assault rifle is the m416. It is a fan favorite for its stability and easy control.  Other popular alternatives are the Scar-L, M416A, AUG A3, etc. 

Sub Machine Guns

Submachine guns are weapons designed for close range. They are said to be a blend of pistols (accuracy) and assault rifles(fire rate and armor). In close range, the submachine guns disperse more bullets than a normal assault rifle and often hits the intended target with optimum accuracy. 

The UZI is a fan favorite as it has one of the fattest fire rates of all the weapons.

Thompson or Tommy gun is another fan favorite, it has an above fire rate, optimum accuracy and packs a magazine of 50 bullets. On long-distance, the Submachine guns have one of the least damage.

Rocket Launchers

It’s a good thing rockets are made available to players only through the “airdrops”.The rocket launcher known as RPG is the most destructive weapon in the game. It is capable of bringing down several opponents(not excluding teammates)with a single shot. 

You don’t have to aim at the enemy’s body, a blast of the RPG brings down anything within its blast radius. It’s a player’s favorite, especially during the last minutes of the game. If you see your opponent with an RPG, RUN!

pubg mobile battle ground
The player knocks out opponents


When players are concentrated into a small region, the shotgun would be a preferred weapon. While the Shotguns were not built with long-range in mind and are completely useless in long-range, they are a force to reckon with in short-range and close combat. Two shots to the torso are enough to bring a level 3 shield down. 

The s12k, s1897, and s686 are the most popular of the shotguns. Shotguns offer a wider range of fire in close range than other weapons(except the rockets), but you need to be calm and precise with the shots. A disadvantage of the shotgun is its slow reload. However, what it lacks in speed, it makes up for in power. 


My least favorite weapon in the PUBG game is the pistol. While professionals taunt newbies with the pistol it is often used as a secondary weapon. Its firing speed and power make it a weak weapon, although, in close combat, it might be a lifesaver. It shouldn’t be used as a primary weapon unless you’re in a loser’s competition where losers win.


In mid-range combat, it is as effective as the AMW. Although it might have difficulty knocking out a level 3 helmet, it is still a dependable weapon. Especially when you just landed and haven’t found a rifle, the crossbow could be the “one shot-to-knockout-weapon you need.


These are Grenades, smoke bombs, and Molotov cocktails. They can do damage and also be used to guard your perimeter. The smoke is used to obscure your movements making you less unpredictable, while the molotov cocktail could be thrown on the enemy or used to prevent the enemy from getting access to a hideout or block their entry into yours.  Other throwables are sticky bombs, stun grenades, decoy grenades, and the C4. 

Melee Weapons

What happens when you’re completely out of armor? You utilize the Melee weapons. These are most effective in surprise attacks, where you can get really close to your enemy to land a “blow”. Melee are odd ones on the list, they are not bullet-pouring weapons but are -rather- farm tools that could be used as a weapon. 

Machete, sickle, and pan are household items turned into deadly weapons. On the very close range, surprisingly, the Melee weapons are as effective as a shotgun. The infamous ‘pan’ is used to taunt noobs and knocked-out opponents.

 Other Combat Accessories

Aside from the weapons, there are other utilities used to aid combat.

Health kits

All combat games have health revive features for the game characters and PUBG has done the same. There are several grades of health kits available to players during gameplay. Some replenish your lost health at intervals while some do so immediately. 

  • First Aid Kit

It takes about 5 seconds to use this kit. It replenishes your health by 75 percent. It is useful when trying to recover after losing much health in a battle. 

  • Med Kit

In battles one would want to quickly replenish health, the Medkit is lighter than the first aid kit and takes twice as little time to use. During hectic combat, you would want to hide for a brief moment to replenish your health. However, the healing capacity of the medkit is almost 10 times smaller than the first aid.  

  • Pain killers

Pain killers are drugs taken to replenish health slowly and at intervals. It’s almost like it takes time for the body to absorb the drug and replenish health. The medkit and first aid kit are fast but cannot replenish health completely. To do this, you need to take the pain killer or;

  • Energy drink

The energy drink replenishes health in a manner similar to painkillers. However, the energy drink when taken can only restore your health by about 65 percent

  • Adrenaline shot 

Adrenaline shot is a combo of energy drinks and painkillers. It restores your health to 100percent. While the painkillers and energy drinks are ingested, the adrenaline shots are injections of adrenaline. However, it takes almost 10 seconds to use this kit and would not be suitable to use during combat.

Other In-game Features and Experience

What makes PUBG one of the best is the amount of fun it packs into its games.

Pubg mobile, pubg lite, pubg new state

Reviving teammates

During a classic match in the PUBG battleground, the health of each player is in two phases; the knockout phase and the active player phase.

A player who’s knocked out would only be capable of crawling and see the health bar fill up again but with a diminishing red-fill. 

When knocked out, a player can be revived by his teammate before he runs out of health. A player “turns to a crate” when he runs out of health, finished-off by the opponent, or his other teammates have also been knocked out. 


Teammates can communicate via the text interface or use voice messages. Members of the same team can also communicate with members of a different team and vice versa. This makes it entertaining with a realistic experience, and also provides a means by which teammates can raise alerts, plan strategies or make conversation during gameplay.

During Gameplay, Players have a map located at the corner of their screen. It shows the map of the environment within a certain range but when clicked upon – expands to show the full map of the island. The navigation map can also be used to detect the footsteps of nearby opponents and the direction the footsteps are coming from. 

First-person or Third-person Shooter

Some versions of PUBG offer the option to switch between a first-person shooter and a third-person shooter during gameplay. A third-person shooter is most preferred by gamers as it provides a 360-degree view of the battlefield.


PUBG provides tons of different customizable skins for weapons and some accessories. It also has a large collection of costumes that could be free, won or purchased using PUBG dedicated coins


PUBG lite Game scene
PUBG lite Game scene

Developers were very kind to provide a means of transport for players in the realistic themed Royale battleground. Vehicles are dispersed along the highways of the island and make getting to the safe zone easy and quickly. Vehicles can also be used to escape hot drops or intense battles with enemies. 

Vehicles are also of different types and more suitable for certain terrain. For example, the Boogey is best used for plain lands while the jeep is most suitable for rocky terrains. Exclusive vehicles like the indestructible armored tank can only be summoned via an airdrop. 

PUBG mobile different versions and Countries

You might have heard of so many different versions of PUBG but that’s not the case. there are not more than 3 versions available, however, to obey the laws of different countries, PUBG is forced to make minor adjustments to the game. Hence, the many versions available.


Pubg is a very intense game, it requires high-end devices to run the game smoothly. To reach a large market, Pubg was challenged to make a version people with low-end devices could play. Luckily, Tencent came up with PUBG lite. 

PUBG lite does not exist in developed countries where mid-range devices are less available, however, countries from Asia; India, Pakistan, and much more; Africa; North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, Southern Africa all have the PUBG lite versions of PUBG.

PUBG Mobile: New State

In PUBG-New State, a Hundred players are dispatched from an aircraft into the game’s primary area, Troi, a remote 8×8 island, to scavenge supplies and combat each other as they try to live, with the last one standing as the winner. 

Troi gameplay simulates the northern United States in the year 2051, with a futuristic setting, buildings, architecture, and landmarks. 

Drones, ballistic shields, neon sights, combat balance, resurrecting deceased comrades, and “recruiting” downed adversaries are among the new features. 

Futuristic automobiles, buggies, motorbikes, speedboats, and gliders are among the vehicles.


Battlegrounds Mobile India (in short form BGMI, previously known as PUBG Mobile India) is a version of PUBG Mobile, exclusively for players in India. It is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by Krafton. Following the battle between PUBG Mobile and the government of India, the Indian version of the game was released on 2 July 2021 for Android devices, and on 18 August 2021 for iOS devices. Its Gameplay is similar to that of the regular PUBG Mobile.

PUBG China: Game for Peace

Tencent was not able to convince the Chinese government to approve PUBG, one of the most popular video games in the world but one that the Chinese government found too gruesome. The Korean battle royale game has been a great success, and Tencent’s mobile version is also extremely impressive.

 Nonetheless, the Chinese government has been clamping down on gaming more than ever recently, and Tencent abandoned it after more than a year of trying.

There are no major changes to the original PUBG except, of course, the mandarin.


PUBG has done everything in its power to make the game experiences sensational, and accommodative to people of different countries. No matter where you are from, PUBG is accessible to you. However, before you download PUBG, make sure to meet the requirements of both Andriod and iPhone OS. 

To become a pro of the game you must be familiarized with every aspect of it, especially the in-game battle. With this knowledge, you could easily maneuver yourself through intense battles and hectic ambushes. Most importantly, you must keep practicing and studying the game to become the best on the platform

Otherwise, you would have a terrible gaming experience, and regret wasting space and data downloading the game. Be sure to check up on our other article on what mobile phones to buy, how to choose the right mobile device based on CPU, GPU, Screen ratio, and much more. Feel free to leave a question about this topic in the comments below. 

Thank you for reading!