10 Best Rated TV Series of the Decade You Must Watch in 2023

Are you familiar with the most rated TV series of the 2020s? TV Series have become popular over the decade and have easily gathered a large number of devoted fan bases and influenced culture.

However, which ones are the best-rated for fans and critics, and worth the watch? There are thousands of them on several platforms spanning hundreds of genres. We have compiled a list of the series rated as the best TV Series by reputable critics and a vast amount of fans.

1. Game of Thrones – The Best Series?

Game Of Thrones
Game Of Thrones

Nothing Short of a masterpiece, Game of Thrones broke many boundaries unknown to the world of movies. It explores numerous tools to keep the audience at the edge of their seat. It features an ancient setting and gives the audience a glare into the mysterious world of politics, love, lust, greed, betrayal, and loyalty.

HBO dips its huge creative fangs into George R.R. Martin’s best-selling book series “A Song of Ice and Fire,” bringing the medieval fantasy epic to the hungry eyes of the audience. Game of Thrones is the most grossed series yet, and also the most rated series of the decade. It might hold this title for a long time. If you love franchises like Lord of the rings, Vikings, Harry Potter, then you would love this movie. With 386 wins out of 632 nominations, Game of Thrones is a once-in-a-lifetime sensation.

The Plot

Nine noble houses compete for the rule of Westeros, the legendary land. There is a lot of political and sexual intrigue going on. King of Westeros, Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy), asks his old friend, Lord Eddard Stark (Sean Bean), to serve as his Hand of the King, or senior official. Eddard accepts the investigation as a matter of course after being secretly notified that the previous Hand had been slain. In the meantime, Queen Cersei Lannister’s family may be plotting to seize power.

The last members of the previous and deposed ruling dynasty, the Targaryens, are plotting to reclaim the throne across the sea. The conflict between the houses Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, and Targaryen, as well as the other great houses Greyjoy, Tully, Arryn, Tyrell, and Martell, culminates in a full-scale war.


Game of Thrones blew the mind of its audience, with many critics tempted to award it a 10/10. IMDB scores it 9.3 out of 10. Noted for its groundbreaking storytelling, the Series has set out to be one of the highest Grossing Series of all time.?

Probably one of the best TV series I’ve ever watched.
Amazing story and writing (at least the first 7 seasons), great acting, phenomenal soundtrack. It could have been a 10/10, and perhaps the best TV series of all time were it not for the 8th season. For those who still have not watched the series – go watch it! It may be a frustrating ending, as you’ve all probably heard, but it’s still worth your time. – lidor322

It has received a considerable amount of praise from critics around the globe and has been nominated for more than 600 awards, winning over 300 of them, including 59 primetime awards. It is safe to say that Game of Thrones is one of the greatest series of not just the past decade but of all time.

2. Stranger Things

Stranger Things best series
Stranger Things

It would be strange if we didn’t add stranger things to our list of best movies of the 2010s. The thrill of the movie kicks off in the very first season and keeps the audience thrilled and entertained till the very end. Unlike Game of Thrones, which had a terrible and rushed plot for its season finale, Stranger Things’ creators, and did a fantastic job of beginning the season with so much suspense.

Do not be deceived by the kids who play the major roles in the movie, Stranger Things are thrilling enough for any audience and capable of sparking your interest. If you still doubt that stranger things doesn’t fit into this list, here is something to change your mind.

Stranger Things have been nominated for 216 awards and won 77 including 7 primetime Emmy awards. The movie’s cinematography was remarkable, captivating, and good enough to have received many nominations including being nominated for ‘Outstanding Special Visual Effects.

So far, three seasons have been aired, and the next season is said to air on 27th May 2022. We are hoping it would keep up with the amazing acting and production as the previous episodes.

The Plot

A strange incident starts a chain of events that leads to the disappearance of a kid in a small town where everyone knows everyone, tearing at the fabric of an otherwise quiet community. Dark government agencies and other ominous worldly forces descend on the village, and a few residents begin to realize that there is more to it than meets the eye. A young boy vanishes from a small town, his family and friends try to trace his whereabouts but discover something even more sinister.

The Ratings

Stranger things have received many accolades from critics and audiences. Although the series is yet to end, every season released so far has been praised for its attention to detail, outstanding production and a captivating plot.

I really love Stranger Things! They really found the right people for the roles of all the characters. The plot is super unique, the scenes are thrilling, the character development is amazing, and I cannot stop watching. I swear, this show has me on the edge of my seat, waiting for what’s going to happen next. – rylan blay

Critics on Rottentomatoes were utterly pleased with the outcome of the series. Each season has performed very well with ratings above 85%. Season 1 is graced with 97%, with seasons 2 and 3 scorings 94% and 89% respectively.

3. American Crime Story

If you love to watch crime thrillers based on historical records, then an American Crime Story is perfect for you. The plot isn’t structured like regular series with one storyline spanning several episodes. Each season is dedicated to a documentary-styled investigation and inside story on some of the most infamous crimes ever committed in American history. Note however that the series is still what it is- a Hollywood production, and may not capture every detail of the event or accurately portray the historic events it covers.

 The Plots

since each season is dedicated to a specific criminal case, different investigators, and other players, we would have to split up the plot of the series according to seasons. Each season portrays an entirely different plot, which I would describe below:

Season 1: The people vs. O.J Simpsons

American Crime Story best series
American Crime Story

Based on a book, The Run of His life, this season of the series portrays the legal battle between O.J Simpsons and the prosecutors. O.J Simpsons, wanted for the murder of his white wife and kids is on the run from security forces. After being convinced to face justice, Simpson issued to court the count of murder of his family. The drama begins when society’s jurisdiction is divided into a battle between the blacks and whites, with the blacks unanimously supporting O.J Simpson.

American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson brings top-shelf writing, directing, and acting to bear on a still-topical story while shedding further light on the facts — and provoking passionate responses along the way. –  Critics on IMDB.

The movie starred some prominent Hollywood figures like Cuba Gooding Jr.( plays O.J Simpson, Sarah Paulson (plays Marcia Clark), David Schwimmer(Robert Kardashian), John Travolta (plays Robert Shapiro), Courtney B. Vance (Johnnie Cochran), and Sterling K. Brown (Christopher Darden).

Impeachment best series

Although there were mixed reviews from critics, the series performed very well with critics applauding it with a rating of 97% on Rottentomatoes. Many praises were thrown at the series for its cling to historical detail and the perfect selection of cast who played their roles beautifully.

Season 2: The Assassination of Gianni Versace

Assassination Of Gianni Versace
Assassination Of Gianni Versace

Another crime that stormed the media was the assassination of Gianni Versace, historically a fashion designer and businessman. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story explores the Versace fashion enterprise in the aftermath of founder Gianni Versace’s assassination on Miami Beach in 1997.

Penélope Cruz plays Donatella Versace, Gianni’s younger sister, who became the face of the international fashion brand after her brother’s death. Donatella, played by Cruz, is the protagonist of the series, dealing with the repercussions of the tragedy and being tasked with filling some enormously fashionable shoes. Darren Criss (Glee, American Horror Story) plays Gianni’s psychotic assailant Andrew Cunanan, who is played by Edgar Ramirez (Hands of Stone, The Girl on the Train).


The Assassination of Gianni Versace is the saddest part of the series franchise. However, critics feel the aim of the series was completely lost after the first two episodes. Some mock that the series should have chosen a more suitable name for the movie as it’s is more focused on the murderer than the victim the series was named after.

With mixed reviews coming from critics, some critics claim this part of the was the least entertaining according to some critics. Other faults sighted by critics include the poor choice of actors for the roles, too many assumptions were made to fill in historical gaps/blind spots.

However, the movie received an 8/10 score from audiences on IMDB even though there were many reviews that spoke negatively of the series. Folks on Rottentomatoes were not impressed with the episode and scored it averagely with a score of 69%.

Season 3: Impeachment

From its inception in the mid-1990s, the series follows Lewinsky’s connection with Bill Clinton, as well as her friendship with Linda Tripp, who worked at the Pentagon with her. The latter begins recording their conversations, forces her to save a stained blue dress as proof of the affair, and the story quickly goes public, turning a vulnerable young government employee into one of the world’s most vilified women and leading to the country’s first impeachment proceedings in over a century.


The show is all about women and how they were all manipulated by a system that still even with #metoo does the same things today. – Rachel Wagner.

Led by memorable performances from Beanie Feldstein and Sarah Paulson, Impeachment does a fine job at depicting a recent political scandal, even though it favors drama over historical accuracy.- Felipe F. 

Some critics pointed out the fictional fill-ups used in the series to portray events that no one could have known. Some say this part of the series skewed towards fantasy rather than historical accuracy. Critics on IMDB rated the series positively with a score of 7.7/10. Many critics, especially women, applauded the series to reveal the trauma, manipulation, and evil experiences women face in a world dominated by men.

4. True Detective

Like American crime stories, True Detective delivers different storylines for each season. However, each season is centered around the investigation of mysterious and dark murder cases. I would break down the plot for each season and also discuss the ratings for each of them. All seasons performed excellently except the second release, which couldn’t spark fans’ interest.

Season 1

True Detective best series
True Detective

A tragic real-life child abuse scandal inspired true Detective in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson play as detectives Rust Cohle and Marty Hart, respectively.

In the first episode of True Detective, state homicide detectives Marty (Woody Harrelson) and Rust (Matthew McConaughey) investigate the murder of Dora Lange, a 28-year-old woman, while also being involved in a missing-persons investigation involving a young girl called Marie Fontenot.

The duo comes across evidence of a cult responsible for the disappearance of women and children as the series unfolds, with narrative elements branching into the murky underbelly of crime.


In True Detective, performances by Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey reel the viewer in, while the style, vision and direction make it hard to turn away.

There is definitely a consensus as to the performance of this show, with user ratings soaring to an outstanding 99% on Rottentomatoes. Critics, on the other hand, are more critical with scrutinizing a belief, scoring this season of the series with 87%.

Season 2

True Detective 2 best series
True Detective 2

Season 2 of True Detective moved the series to the fictitious California town of Vinci, a corrupt community where the similarly corrupt city manager had recently been assassinated. Ray Velcoro (Colin Farrell), a Vinci homicide detective who is corrupt himself; Frank Semyon (Vince Vaughn), a businessman with ties to organized crime who is trying to go straight; Ani Bezzerides (Rachel McAdams), a county investigator who was abused as a child; and Paul Woodrugh (Taylor Kitsch), a highway patrol officer and Iraq war vet with PTSD, all investigate the killing.


Fans and critics were not impressed with the second release of the true Detective. while both agree on the impressive acting skills of the cast, they also agree on the confusing plot of the season.

A strange combination of slick overproduction and basic incompetence. – Stephen Marche.

Audiences were more displeased with the turnout of events, with many complaints on the oblique revelation of plots that didn’t seem to fit together. The general review of this episode was a disaster, the audience scored the second release of the true Detective with 47%. Critics, however, were more lenient.

Season 3

True Detective 3 best series
True Detective 3

A stronger comeback by the series cast, True Detective -again lived up to its reputation. The third season of True Detective is a narrative about obsession: As the HBO drama jumps between three different time periods in 1980, 1990, and 2015, Arkansas detective Wayne Hays (Mahershala Ali) spends decades investigating the case that altered his life – the death of a little child and the abduction of the kid’s sister.


Just like the case that hunts the detectives of season 1, the ratings of season 3 came back from when they went missing in season 2. Critics commended the return of the dark atmosphere once present in season 1. The taste of hopelessness that sat on the tongues of the investigators, and the stench of disappointment that taunted the audiences.

Season 3, as rated by critics on Rotten Tomatoes, scored just a little bit below its predecessor, season 1. Audiences who still haven’t recovered from the let-down in season 2 were less excited but scored the season similarly to that of the critics.

I just wanted a moment when the characters caught their breath and didn’t feel like they were part of an overly-scripted machine. Now, having said that, this is still engaging, dark, complex material, anchored by a great performance from Ali. – Brian Tallerico

5. When They See Us

When They See Us best series
When They See Us

A one-time boomer, this mini-series is a new production amongst our list of best-rated series and premiered just a year before the beginning of the 2020 decade. How long can one hold onto hope? This is particularly difficult when you find yourself trapped and disconnected from society. Moreso, society has turned its back on you and is waiting for you to show an ounce of despair.


A jogger was attacked and raped in Central Park in New York in 1989, and five young people were charged with the crime. The Central Park Five, as they were known, maintained their innocence and spent years contesting their convictions in the hopes of being exonerated.

From the time the adolescents were initially questioned about the event in the spring of 1989, through their exoneration in 2002, and finally, the settlement agreed with the city of New York in 2014, this limited series spans a quarter-century. Michael K. Williams, John Leguizamo, Felicity Huffman, and Blair Underwood are among the Emmy nominations and winners in the cast. Ava DuVernay, an Oscar nominee and Emmy winner, co-wrote and directed the four episodes.


A sensational recreation of a rather disheartening tale of history. In a time when the flares of human rights activism and black lives matter were burning hot came “when they see us”. The production and cast of the TV series were so realistic that they left audiences feeling abashed by the events that took place in the series.

The series received a lot of accolades from audiences and critics alike. It contested in 78 nominations and won 30, including 2 primetime Emmys. Critics on IMDB didn’t think twice about rating it as high as 8.9/10. It is definitely a must-watch.

6. Vikings

Vikings best series

Civilization today is the product of many bloody wars. One particular group is notorious for its savageness and thirst for blood, the Vikings. The Vikings, considered one of the best and highly rated since its launch in the early 2020s, is a TV series that takes us way back to the post-roman empire.

The Plot

The sagas of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, one of the most well-known mythical Norse heroes and the scourge of England and France, inspired Vikings. Ragnar Lothbrok is a young farmer and father who is dissatisfied with Earl Haraldson, his local ruler, who leads his Viking raids east to the Baltic lands and Russia, where the people are just as destitute as the Norsemen. Ragnar, who claims to be a direct descendent of the deity Odin, continues to oppose Earl over the years until the two finally meet in the last battle for power. Ragnar then embarks on a quest for new territories to conquer.

Ragnar rises to prominence by successful raids into England and, with the help of his family and other warriors, finally becomes a Scandinavian king. The series chronicles the fortunes of his sons and their travels throughout England, Scandinavia, and the Mediterranean in later seasons.


With 6 seasons which began in 2013, Vikings is a pseudo-historical portrayal of one of history’s most terrifying forces of the medieval era. It features war plots, romance, philosophy, and religion. The strive for conquest by the Vikings king, Ragnar Lothbrok, faces many challenges; from his people, his king, his family, and enemies. Viking surely would surely leave you at the edge of your seat, unable to move an inch. The betrayals and the shocking turn of events are a must-see.

For its brilliance, Vikings have performed well over the years and have even created a large following on social media. Ratings from many critics were superb. Some seasons were rated 100%, and others lingering not too far from that number. The movie has received many accolades from critics and audiences for its careful use of emotional devices which captured the hearts of its viewers.

With 157 nominations in total and 41 wins, including a 1 Primetime Emmy award, the Viking TV series definitely is one of the best-rated movies we are going to see in this decade. Other critics from IMDB give the series an average score of 8.6%.

7. Rick and Morty

Rick And Morty best series
Rick And Morty

You wouldn’t expect to see animation in our list of best-rated TV series of the decade, right? Well, surprise! Unlike our list, for the decade this animation is mostly comedy and one of the best out there. Justin Roiland, plays the curious little kid, Morty; Sarah Chalke, plays the role of a supportive yet observant mother, Beth. The show is centred around the life of an annoying grandfather, a mad scientist, and his grandson and his family. Make sure to watch with your physics notebook by your side.

The plot

Rick Sanchez, a scientist, who has been missing for over two decades, unexpectedly shows up on Beth’s(his daughter) doorstep to move in with her and her family. Although Beth warmly welcomes Rick into her house, her husband, Jerry, is less enthusiastic. Rick, a psychopathic scientist, is using the garage as his personal laboratory, which worries Jerry. Rick works on a variety of sci-fi devices at the lab, some of which may be deemed harmful. But Rick’s actions aren’t the only ones that bother Jerry. He also takes his grandkids, Morty and Summer, on travels around the cosmos.

The Ratings

It has transformed into not only one of the sharpest, most surreal, nerdy comedies on television, but also a treatise on storytelling and world-building. – Daniel Kurland

There is a consensus that all voice actors in the series were remarkable, the show is one that would leave you gasping for breath as it floods the viewer with comical remarks and funny expressions. Some argue it’s one of the best comedy animations out there. others say it’s proof that Elon musk must be stopped. The show has gathered a lot of 5-star reviews from its audience and great ratings from critics as well.

8. Attack on Titan

Attack On Titan best series
Attack On Titan

If you haven’t watched this, then you have missed out on the whole anime culture. Attack on Titan envelopes many genres; Action, Drama, Fantasy, and Horror. The Japanese animation has caught the world by surprise and has left its audience begging for more. it has been rated as the best anime TV series on many platforms. This movie like many Japanese Series portrays the pains of war, the conspiracy of world governments and the dark past of human civilization.

The Plot

Humans found sanctuary behind huge walls that halted the giants in their tracks when man-eating Titans first came 100 years ago. When a huge Titan burst through the walls, sending a flood of giants into what had been the humans’ protected zone, their long-held safety is jeopardized.

During the chaos that ensues, soldier Eren Jaeger witnesses one of the Titans consumes his mother, prompting him to swear to kill every Titan. He enlists the aid of several survivors and close friends, and this group becomes humanity’s final chance to prevent annihilation at the hands of the monsters.

The Ratings

Attack on Titan is not lacking when it comes to high praise, With hundreds of thousands of streams on Crunchyyroll, an anime streaming platform, Attack on Titan is one of the most highly rated series of the decade.  Its production was beyond the standard, the twists, the emotional drama which would leave you in tears, the remarkable and breathtaking battles just to name a few certainly put this series at the top.

Several platforms acknowledge the brilliance of the franchise and have awarded it accordingly. Many reviews score it a 100% or a 10/10. That’s how brilliant it certainly is.

9. Chernobyl

Chernobyl best series

Chernobyl is a 2019 historical drama television mini-series about the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant tragedy and the subsequent cleaning activities. Craig Mazin developed and wrote the series, which was directed by Johan Renck. Chernobyl was a surprising and terrifying event in human history. HBO is the only business you can trust to tell a tale like this properly. With Chernobyl, they follow up their fantastic work with Band Of Brothers with another historical jewel.

The Plot

The first episode of the TV series opens in a dimly lit room, with a guy sitting at a kitchen table discussing the repercussions of Chernobyl while recording everything on a tape player. He enters and commits suicide after having a cigarette outdoors.

Then we go back 2 years and 1 minute to the blast in Ukraine that set off this series of events. As the men and women of the City of Pripyat prepare themselves, an ominous orange glow in the distance announces the reactor core blowing and a tsunami of screaming disaster.

The Rating

Chernobyl not only tells the tale of one of the greatest scientific disasters to ever befall humanity, but It also expounds on the dark political drama that takes place when no one is watching. How cover-ups are fabricated and enforced. Moreso, it richly paints the struggle of those who are hungry for the truth as they navigate to the light through the dark path towards the end of the tunnel.

The long shots, the ominous score and incredibly well paced story combine to make Chernobyl one of the best opening episodes of 2019 and a strong contender, even this early on, for one of the best shows of 2019. – Greg wheeler

The show was overly successful and counted in 143 nominations, to which it won 84, including 10 Primetime Emmys. It was a one-time phenomenon that the movie industry can only hope to create again. Critics and audience were astounded by the delivery of the series.

It was breathtaking in its attention to detail and utilizing the most understandable terms to describe something too complex like a nuclear reactor. The Tomatoemeter rated this epic series a 96%, while the audience thought it deserved even more.

10. Dark


The TV series on the list are known to be intensely psychological and a test of intellect. Likes its name, Dark, is a series I have added to this list of the decade because it lives up to its name. it engulfs the audience with its devilish charms and leaves them wandering in the Dark. It draws terror and pain from a story any human can become a victim to, and that is the loss of a child. Even worse, the characters do not know if the child is alive or gone.

The Plot

When two children go missing in a tiny German town, the community’s evil past is revealed, as are the parallel lives and strained relationships among four families as they hunt for the children. The mystery-drama series offers an elaborate riddle full of twists and turns, as well as a network of interesting individuals, all of whom have a link to the town’s terrible history, whether they realize it or not. The eerie components in the novel are linked to the same location in 1986. “Dark” is the first Netflix original series created in Germany.


Dark was scary yet would leave you anxious for the next philosophical query. The family drama was an ace card to keep people trapped in their seats with their eyes and hearts yearning for more. It has racked 29 nominations with 8 wins for; Best visual effects, Best Art Direction, Best cinematography, and a few others.

Critics spoke highly of the series and applauded its cinematography. Audiences were also impressed with the captivating snare of the production, and both parties scored the series gracefully. On some platforms, the series had been scored 89 -92%, and others with a different metric system gave it an 8.8/10.

Closing Remarks

People seem to have a thirst for series that have a flair of pain to them, as you’ve noticed, the TV series mentioned in this list all have are associated with drama that involves lots of terror. Maybe that’s what makes a series the best on the market.

If you haven’t yet watched any of these, be sure to do so before the decades run out, and you’ve had accumulated too much to watch. There are a lot of historical and entertainment value to obtain from the series mentioned in our list here. Would those mentioned above continue to be the top-rated in the next decade to come? Only time would tell.